The Yokels

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2020 Performing Artist

The Yokels, as such, were born two years ago, but the members have been on the local music scene for a while now, and the band has become a favorite for Humboldt County dancers. The blend of roots, Americana, rockabilly and soul will keep toes tappin' and dance floors filled.


Back in the day, 1977 to be exact, these boys played in the country-rock band Buckshot at various taverns, parties and shows throughout Humboldt County. The band continued through the ’80s and into the ’90s playing weekends at the old Ramada Inn, many dance and service clubs, and private engagements.  


Since that time the fellas have all appeared (and in some cases, still do) in other bands such as Still Kickin’, Cadillac Ranch, and the Delta Nationals.  Now days they enjoy the retired life, but still love playing music for the friendly folks in our County.  


Spanning decades of soul and danceabilly music, American-made, original and renewed: The Yokels are: Steve Irwin, guitar and vocal; Glen Nagy, bass and vocal; Bill Kerker, drums and vocal.




Performance Times:

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