The Modern Sounds

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2020 Performing Artists

From the city that works, comes the trio that works. The Modern Sounds is the band that does it all. This blues, jazz, swing and rock & roll trio has been playing around Chicago (and all over the world) since 2007, when Beau Sample moved to Chicago from Austin for a change of musical scenery.


The Modern Sounds are hard to classify, but easy on the ears. This is a trio with a big sound, featuring hot pickin,' a swingin' rhythm section, and tight three-part harmonies—Joel Paterson, Beau Sample, and Alex Hall bring you back to the "Modern" era. Perfect for any venue or occasion, the Modern Sounds are the right fit for all of your listening and dancing needs.  The Modern Sounds are on the cutting edge of the Atomic Age—bringing you the best of the 30's, 40's and 50's.


Joel Paterson hails from Madison, Wisconsin and has lived in Chicago for many years, performing with various bands including Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms and Kelly Hogan's Wooden Leg. He currently fronts The Modern Sounds and Joel Paterson's Blues Roundup.


Slap bass virtuoso Beau Sample is from San Antonio, Texas. He spent a few years on the Austin music scene and made Chicago his home. Sample has toured the world and the U.S. many times over, fronting his former band Cave Catt Sammy and backing up Elana James. Sample is also the band leader of the renowned Fat Babies Jazz Band.  


Alex Hall is from Chicago and is a very talented drummer and recording engineer. He is the man behind the "Chicago Sound" of Ventrella Records and Tapes.


“Retro never sounded so appealing. Maybe that’s because guitarist Joel Paterson doesn’t regard the mid-20th century songs as historic repertoire. Instead, he addresses classic country, blues and Tin Pan Alley tunes as timeless works that reward repeated listening.”

— Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune


“Of all the “vintage” artists injecting new life into bygone styles with originality and a sense of humor, these guys just might top the list.”

— Dan Forte, Vintage Guitar Magazine



Performance Time:

VENUE                               DAY                      START

Adorni Center                     Friday                  7:30pm

Western Swing Allstars with Elana James

Sequoia Center                  Friday                 10:30pm

Jonathan Doyle Swingtet

Morris Graves                    Saturday               1:30pm

Charlie Halloran & His Calypsonians

Saturday                TBA                    

Sunday                    TBA

Friday                    TBA