Sam Rocha

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2020 Performing Artist

Sam Rocha - mulit-instrumentalist, band leader.


Quickly becoming one of the rising stars of the traditional jazz and gypsy swing circuit multi-instrumentalist Sam Rocha is returning to the Redwood Coast for 2019 as both a guest artist and band leader.  Sam is well known for his innate musicality and rhythm and for his inventive, melodic solos.


A Fresno, California native, Sam Rocha showed an interest in music from a very early age. Beginning with piano lessons at age 4, his formal musical studies soon expanded to include the viola and bass guitar.


At age 15, he fell in love with the acoustic string bass and has since identified himself as a bassist, playing his first professional gigs at 17 with Fresno’s Blue Street Jazz Band, among others.


While largely self-taught on the string bass, Sam has closely studied such masters of the instrument as “Pops” Foster, Al Morgan, Milt Hinton, Bob Haggart, Jimmy Blanton, Ray Brown, Walter Page, and Scott LaFaro. In addition to his in-depth study of classic bass playing, Sam has absorbed the nuances of classic jazz tuba, cornet, and guitar playing, and he regularly performs on those instruments as well. While on tour, Sam plays a Chadwick Folding Bass with a hybrid set of gut and steel strings.


Performance Times:

VENUE                               DAY                      START 

Morris Graves                     Friday                    4:30pm

On The Levee Jazz Band

Sequoia Center                  Friday                    7:30pm

Charlie Halloran & The Quality 6

Sequoia Center                 Friday                  10:30pm

Jonathan Doyle Swingtet

Friday                     TBA

Saturday                TBA


Sunday                    TBA