Rooster McClintock

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2020 Performing Artist


Rooster McClintock has been Humboldt County’s primary source of honky-tonk tunes since 2006. They are back after a six-hiatus to perfom and record the songs that made them a household name in the vibrant and diverse Humboldt County music scene.


Jereme Stinespring, rhythm guitar, and Jake Wiegandt (lead guitar) share the task of writing songs and singing lead vocals, accompanied by the warm harmonies of bassist Cottonwood and drummer Sam Kaplan-Good. They will be accompanied by pedal steel guitarist Aleister Paige.  





Performance Times:

VENUE                               DAY                      START 

Phatsy Klines                    Saturday                4:00pm

Phatsy Klines                    Saturday                5:30pm