Redwood Coast Music Festival 2020 Performing Artist


Kingfoot is an acoustic trio from Northern Humboldt County that plays a unique, all-original blend of Americana, bluegrass, gypsy, jazz, folk and country with African, latin and Russian influences.


Kingfoot is:  Joe Kieney, vocals, rhythm guitar and ukulele; Kevin Johnson, acoustic stand-up bass, backup vocals; and Jimmy Foot, lead guitar and mandolin).


In addition to playing local music venues and private parties, Kingfoot has played events for The Humboldt Folklife Society, Cannafest, and many local environmental groups. Kingfoot has released three studio albums, “Steelie,” “Borderland,” and “Moscow” as well as a live cd from a gig at The Redwood Curtain.  





Performance Times:

VENUE                               DAY                      START 

Phatsy Klines                    Friday                    8:00pm

Phatsy Klines                    Friday                   10:00pm