Canary & The Vamp

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2020 Performing Artist

Wind it up and let it go! It's vintage and it swings!


Summoning forgotten ditties, ballads, and musical numbers from the jazz age is Canary and the Vamp. It's amazing such a big sound can come from such a small band!  


Beverly Twist, chanteuse and guitarist of the Humboldt County band, Belles of the Levee, pairs nicely with Absynth Quartet's John Ludington and Ryan Roberts. Roberts' ability to play Django-like gypsy jazz on his self-made O-hole guitar brings you back to 1920's Paris. Ludington takes a break from electric bass to take five with the upright bass.


Twist, AKA Canary, channels the voices of Ethel Merman,  Mildred Bailey and other Red Hot Mamas of the day!





Performance Times:

VENUE                               DAY                      START 

Phatsy Klines                    Saturday                7:00pm

Phatsy Klines                    Saturday                8:30pm