That Buckin' String Band

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2020 Performing Artist

That Buckin' String Band perfrom a diverse range of original and rare songs from the Americana, folk, and country genres. They are frequent performers at the Westhaven Blackberry Festival, Humboldt Folklife Festival, Lawnstock and many local fundraisers. Buckin’ was one of the very first bands to play at Phatsy Kline’s.  

Vocalists Tracy Smith (guitar and mandolin) and Cat Koshkin (ukulele and percussion) create harmonies that are soulful, energetic, haunting and playful.  Patrick Cleary (mandolin, banjo, guitar, mandola, and more) and Steve Smith (bull fiddle) also lend their vocal talents to augment this blend, providing a rich tapestry that prompts toes to tap and grins to appear.





Performance Times:

VENUE                               DAY                      START 

Phatsy Klines                    Friday                    5:00pm

Phatsy Klines                    Friday                    6:30pm