Dave Stuckey & Hot House Gang

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2019 Performing Artist

Multi-talented Dave Stuckey is a band leader, producer, singer, songwriter, drummer and swingin' guitarist extraordinaire.


Just look at his activities in less than 15 years. He helped the rebirth of the american hillbilly/rockabilly scene with the Dave & Deke Combo, produced the best album of The Hot Club Of Cowtown «Tall Tales» (and co-wrote with them the beautiful «When I Lost You» and «Sleep»), found time to drum with The Untamed Youth, released the best western-swing album of the last 50 years -  «Get a load of this». You can find him today leading several of his own bands and drumming with The Lucky Stars.


At Redwood Coast Dave is bringing two of LA's hottest dance bands.  First up:   Dave Stuckey & The Hot House Gang


Dave Stuckey & The Hot House Gang is a hard-swinging, take-no-prisoners aggregation, playing standards and not-so-standards from the 1920's & 30s ...and whose main objective is to bring the heat, get you out of your seat, and provoke you to move your feet.


Bringing with him a Murderer’s Row of torrid trad jazz operators from the wilds of Los Angeles, Stuckey’s outfit channels an Eddie Condon small-group drive with jiving vocals that may conjure thoughts of Wingy Manone or Fats Waller.   Calling all cats - that stuff is here and it's anything but mellow!  Sound off with Dave Stuckey's Hot House Gang!


Dave Stuckey & The Hot House Gang

Dave Stuckey  - guitar, vocals                

Carl Sonny Leyland - piano, vocals

Josh Collazo - drums                              

Nate Ketner - clarinet, sax

Marc Caparone - trumpet, trombone        

Wally Hersom - bass


"Dave himself (guitar and vocals) has an infectious swing, and the musicians he’s gathered around him are some of the best in the West, or perhaps the known world."  


Michael Steinman - Jazz Lives.









Dave Stuckey & The Hot House Gang Boogie Woogieing with Carl Sonny Leyland at Union Station 7-3-15
Dave Stuckey & The Hot House Gang at Union Station

Performance Times:

VENUE                               DAY                      START 

Morris Graves                     Friday                    3:00pm

Dave Stuckey & The Hot House Gang

Sequoia Center                  Sunday              11:30am

Dave Stuckey & The Hot House Gang

Eagle House                       Sunday                7:30pm

Dave Stuckey & The Hot House Gang - after party