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Redwood Coast Music Festivals

Our event is a place where the best minds meet.

Redwood Coast Music Festivals was founded in 1991 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote economic development through increased tourism, and to support senior programs and youth music education in Humboldt County, CA.


Since 1991, Redwood Coast Music Festivals has produced an annual four-day Music Festival in March or early April.  In the early years the festival was named the "Redwood Coast Dixieland Jazz Festival" as Dixieland and traditional jazz were the predominant musical genres. Over time a variety of musical genres were added to the mix and the name changed to reflect those additions.  In 2014 the "Redwood Coast Jazz Festival" name was changed to the "Redwood Coast Music Festival". We still include the great New Orleans and traditional jazz that you have come to expect over the years, but we've expanded to add a wider variety of music along with additional venues. Many of the most popular bands continue to expand their music and cross over age-old accepted definitions of jazz.


We are looking forward to the future!


We can't have a festival without your help. The annual festival is a collaboration of support and efforts of hundreds of sponsors and volunteers.  Please contribute to our efforts. Your gift to the Redwood Coast Music Festivals will help us advance our mission and further our goals.

our mission

Redwood Coast Music Festivals was established to:

1.     Promote economic development through increased tourism at a time of the year originally selected by local hotel managers as most necessary to the local economy. To date over 20 million dollars has been returned to the local community.  

2.    Provide  support for local senior citizen programs.  To date over $300,000 has been donated for senior programs.

3.    Promote music education for youth by funding school music clinics with professional musicians, scholarships, hosting two annual Children’s Concerts for grades K-8, and featuring local youth talent in the annual festival line-up.  To date over $100,000 has been directly donated to these programs in addition to the performance programs.


our vision

Our goal is to continue to build and expand the festival to become one of the best music festivals on the entire West Coast.  Great music and great times are our goals.  Family-friendly atmosphere, intimate venues as well as large performance auditoriums - with plenty of dance floors. We want to bring the best musicians from all around the country to one of the most scenic locations in the country - the North Coast of California - Combining the best scenery and the best music in the West to make a memorable event for all.  Redwood Coast Music Festival - Location, Jazz, Swing, Blues, Zydeco & Country - it's ALL HERE at Eureka's American Roots Music Festival!

Designated the "The Best Small Town Music Festival in The West" by The American Rag Newspaper (now The Syncopated Times). 

Our Team

Mark Jansen -  President

George Cooney - Vice President

Yvonne Cooney - Treasurer

Deb Allen - Secretary

Carol Lorentzen - Past President

Sue Alton - Volunteer Coordinator

Frank Bacik 

Jace Baldosser

Kevin Christie

Kevin Danel

Paul DeMark

Teresa Goodlin

Lynn McKenna

Jonnie Miller

Bill Moehnke

Matt Niesen

"Bear" Winkle